About Blitz Ditz


Welcome to Sports Blitz Ditz, a website devoted to covering sports related topics from a girl’s point of view.  Sure there are a lot of sports websites out there, but how many are from a female’s perspective.  So, this website is for all those girls who love sports, guys who want to know what girls are thinking, and even those people who might want a little refresher sports course before a date (it’s okay, we’ve all been there).

So who is Blitz Ditz?  I’m a twenty-something year old with a love of sports and too much time on my hands.  And to all of you doubters out there: yes, I know what a touchback is, sure I can name the Yankees’ starting lineup, and no, I’m not a dude in girls’ clothes.  I just happen to really enjoy the camaraderie, excitement, and even controversy athletics have to offer.  Who cares if while I’m watching the game I’m also paying attention to what the athletes are wearing, who they’re dating or how good their bodies look in the uniforms?  C’mon guys, everyone knows you care about that stuff too.

So, wipe that surprised look off your faces just because I can give you a play-by-play of the Monday night football game.  Oh, and by the way, yes I’m a die-hard Giants fan, but hey I also have no problem turning on the Patriots just to see Tom Brady’s hot face.  Because you know what?  Chicks dig sports too.